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2 Things That REALLY Need To Be Done!!!!
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04-28-2002 02:29

Posted by:
Douglas O'Brien

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1st - Fixing the bug in the Bugs! forum in the "random fluke" post. This is a new one that didn't happen before 1.03. I think it is very simple, and it involves drawing sprites to a canvas, and then drawing the canvas to the screen through a viewport. Every side scroller that uses sprites and scrolls through a view port is probably going to screw up, and that entails a lot of games.

2nd - This relates to networking. John, remember how you said you can not send Net Messages while "More Net Messages" statement is true. There really needs to be a command called "Clear Current Net Message" or something to avoid this. With the way it is currently, you have to recieve all the data. There may be a point in the data where you get a certain message and you want to stop getting data as it will mess things up. Currently, you will have to completely restructure the "While More Net Messages" loop, so that when it gets this command, instead of processing all the Net Messages that you MUST receive after that, you have to keep a log of them, and later run through the log and handle them. This really kind of sucks.

Two other small things that would be good would be fixing the Send Net String command and making an InKey command. For my network Tron game I had to build up an entire text engine from scratch.

When you fix the first problem I mentioned, I would probably go ahead and release a TNT 1.04 just for that.

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