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04-26-2002 15:34

Posted by:
Douglas O'Brien

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TNT is pretty fast for an interpreter but you really do need a nice machine to run stuff. I was wondering if you could use the current version of TNT that checks and reports errors, and have the ablity to turn that off to speed programs up when you know they don't have anymore errors.

04-28-2002 22:34

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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There's a lot of places TNT Basic could be speeded up, omitting error checking is probably the area that would affect us least.

The error checks are very simple, typically 1 if statement for a comparitvely much slower operation. Turning them off would mean writing the tnt basic core again without the error checking, which would greatly increase the file size of TNT Basic, and probably cause you to crash more when you ran 'error free' programs with the safety off.

Getting TNT Basic running meta-compiled code is a personal ambition of mine, and that should give us some pretty darn good speed ups. Might take a while though... :)



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