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Another wish list, and a noteable file issue
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04-26-2002 01:14

Posted by:
William F. Hostman

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File issue:
1.03 issues I've got, and would like to see fixed in 1.04
-> it would be nice if all fileid returning commands returned a -1 on a failure, rather than a runtime error. easier coding.

-> there seems to be no "application folder" reference. It would be really nice to have. Especially for file open... if it can't open the file, the runtime crashes.
-> ability to pass a name to the ask file _ dialogs for the dialog box name.
-> better documentation on the file commands.
file write fileid, 13
' writes a cr to a file. great when you want to make text file outputs.

reiteration from eleswhere:
Things I really would like for 1.04 (since 1.03 is out)

-> in-line proceedures (call them functions, maybe?) that can be used in the right hand side of an equation.
-> inkey &/or get commands (compatability)
-> Better docs on file commands (Include "File Write fileid,13" puts a return in. And what type Fileid is; I guessed int, and it worked).
-> colorization of names of defined proceedures

for 2.0 or sooner:
-> support for standard dialog box operation, especially for text input/output
-> support for libraries; both use and create. I've a number of bits I'm reusing heavily; I'd rather have them in a source library than in my main code. I'm not talking shared library files, but actually "included files" ala c/c++ #include name.c type stuff. And I'd rather not have to do so in c...
-> print functionality - as in, send a canvas to the printer. I'd prefer something like the following prototype:
sysprint(int canvas, int dpiOfCanvas)
this should trigger the standard print setup and print dialogs.
-> Wintel runtime engine availablility.

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