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Want To Test Small Beta Anyone?
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04-25-2002 02:28

Posted by:
Douglas O'Brien

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I have a Beta version of the Tron I just started.

Currently, it is 8 player Networkable and technically playable.
You can type messages to each other in the game.

If anyone wants to just test this over the internet with me for fun, then let me know. We can meet on AIM or IRC or something. I also have a ping test program we can try, as well as a band width test one.

The Roots of Tron are laid out. The whole Text engine and messaging as well as the steering of the ships and trying to avoid each other as well as the wall. All thats left is a bunch of meticulous things like sound, music, volum options, showing pings, knowing when some one wins and restarting the game, knowing when some one leaves or is disconnected, generating random start locations, and possibly a level size selection for the host.. Oh, and showing what players are dead and which arn't and possiblely using the new TNT command to show player names next to their text. And I think thats about it.

BTW, is any one out their making anything?

04-27-2002 03:44

Posted by:
William F. Hostman

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Making Anything?

Well, I'm working on some play-aids for one of my favorite pen-and-paper RPG systems (WFRP) using TNT basic. Mostly because it is quick, easy to debug, and can generate compiled applications (even if they are just a run-time interpreter).

04-29-2002 18:02

Posted by:
Jim D

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what I be making

I'm making a simple adventure game set in the environment of my college campus. It consists mostly of inside jokes and parodies of places and people at my school, so although my roommates and myself will surely get a kick out of it, I doubt it will be of too much interest to other people. But that's fine with me.

I just recently wrapped up work on the actual engine of the game, which I started soon after TNT Basic was released (during my winter break). I've had a chance to work on it more in the past week or so and now I am moving into the next phase, the 'content creation' and level design phase. This will be the fun part, modelling the different buildings on campus in Genesis.

04-29-2002 23:51

Posted by:

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i've got a couple games about ready to show y'all.

i've got a couple games about ready to show y'all.
one action shooter, one puzzle game.

04-30-2002 02:49

Posted by:

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Making things..

Working on a platformer. And it's set in Hell! Wheee!

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