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How's aboot adding a Registration Dialog???
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04-19-2002 17:41

Posted by:

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Here's how I mean.

Say there was a command to open a dialog before the game with text boxes (Specify the number yourself) which could be used in Shareware versions of your game.

All it would need to be is a dialog. The processing of the data returned would be up to us so we could use it ourself to check the entered serial number or reg code.

All it would need to be is a simple command:

Show Dialog (2, "Name:", "Registration Code:", "Welcome to my game, please enter your registration code. Or press cancel to play the limited game.")

Where the 2 means how many lines to have in the window and the two text strings are the labels to show next to the text boxes. And the third string is the message to display. The dialog would have two buttons. "Register" and "Cancel"

Then we, the master programmers would use the data returned from the dialog in this way:

Str TheName, TheCode
Show Dialog (2, "Name:", "Registration Code:", "Welcome to my game, please enter your registration code. Or press cancel to play the limited game.")
TheName = RegDialogString (1)
TheCode = RegDialogString (2)

If DialogButton = 1 ''''The Cancel button was pressed
HasRegistered = 0
Else If DialogButton = 2
If TheCode > ""
''''Add code here to check the registration line to see if it's valid.
''''If it is not valid, Go To RegisterDialog
''''If it IS valid then HasRegistered = 1
End If

You get the idea.

Then if they registered, just create a file with the code in it and next time just check the code to make sure it's valid. If not, show the dialog again. Pretty cool idea, and easier than coding it in the game.

Another thing that would be really necessary are simple message dialogs. They'd just have an OK button and tell you something:

Show Alert ("Hello! I am an alert box! Bow down to me!")

See what I mean? And of course, these would all be done before Graphics Mode is turned on.

04-22-2002 23:00

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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I think we will have to put in at least minimal dialogs in the future, for the very reasons you suggest.

We've already got 'make shareware' on our todo list, which would basically take care of the entire registration side for you, but we may also need other dialogs.

We'll keep this in mind for future updates,



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