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Really mean bug in TNT Basic (Under OS 9)
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03-31-2002 04:07

Posted by:
Jason Anderson

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I have found a problem with TNT Basic when it goes to run my game.

I'm writing a procedure for a game I'm making which is a clone of "AstroSmash" and I'm writing the "Periodical Flying Spaceship" subroutine.

Whenever running the program enters the Procedure and chokes to death. (TNT Basic, not my game) I get an error dialog on the black screen that says:

Signal Raised

Condition: inIndex>=0 && inIndex<mIntegers.GetCount()

Function: AccessInteger
File: CVariableStorage.h
Line # 44

That's an error in TNT Basic application. So I know you can find it.

Then I get this text printed in the Output Console:

*** Runtime exception caught ***
Line# : 79
Code : If ShipOnScreen = 0 and TimeSinceLastShip > (30 * 60)
Error : Assertion failed.

The code it's choking on is:

Procedure SpawnSpaceShip ()

If ShipOnScreen = 0 and TimeSinceLastShip > (30 * 60)
ShipOnScreen = 1
End If

If ShipOnScreen = 1
SpaceShipX = SpaceShipX - 1
If SpaceShipX <= -32 then SpaceShipX = ScreenWidth
End If

End Proc

It seems to get to the first code line in the Procedure and chokes. But if I comment out that If/End If statement it chokes on the "If ShipOnScreen = 1" line.

If I comment THAT If/End If part out it works fine.

What in the world?

Even if I change ShipOnScreen to some other variable it still chokes. And yes, I have Initialized the variables.

I KNOW the code is fine. I've done the exact same sort of thing MILLIONS of times in this program. There's no reason it should choke.

It's the Subroutines code, because I commented the call to the Procedure with the Procedures code uncommented and there's no problem.

So I hope you'll be abe to fix it.. Soon.. and update the program.

A reboot will not fix it. And I am unable to test in OS X.

03-31-2002 17:14

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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TNT Basic Bug

Hi Jason,

I cannot reproduce that error with the procedure you sent me, I think it is probably caused by the number of variables in your code rather than that particular procedure.

Can you send me your program (after verifying that it does indeed cause this problem before sending it me!).

If you are able to, I would appreciate it as soon as possible as we are very very close to releasing TNT Basic 1.03 and we'd like to get this bug fix in.

Thanks Jason!


04-18-2002 19:40

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Fixed in 1.03

This bug was caused by TNT Basic not being able to handle a missing 'end proc' statement in Jason's program.

It is now fixed.



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