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I give my game away !
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03-20-2002 16:11

Posted by:

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I'm trying to make a supersprint like game (you know, the Atari Arcade game...) but I can't get it work as i would like to. The drive experience is bad and the IA is far from being perfect.. sometime, the computer cars stop and don't go to the next corner.
So here is the code, and have fun with it !
If you make womething better out of it, let me know here !

Be carrefull, it's my first game and the code is not clear at all ;-)
So if you have questions about what I'm doing in the code, post it here too or email me.
Good luck !

PS : This software is under the DWYWWI (Do what you want with it) Licence.

Get it here :

03-20-2002 16:36

Posted by:

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Just have to point out that the link aint working well, try this instead:
(Dont know if it works becouse I dont know how this board handels links)

03-21-2002 09:02

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I tried to change the AI part, with polygon implementation. But I can't get the In Map Polygon work !

int inmap=In Map Polygon (nextpolygon[numplayer],coordx[numplayer],coordy[numplayer],0)

if inmap
end if

coordx and coordy are in pixel. I tried coordx/32,coordy/32 (the size of my tiles) but nothing woks. I'm never inside the polygon.. I missed something ?

05-09-2002 11:12

Posted by:

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Very nice

Very nice game :) The graphics could be done much better but it was still very well made.

05-09-2002 15:46

Posted by:
Douglas O'Brien

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Possibly Using Floats

I noticed there where times when the car didn't go in the direction it was pointing. Once it was going staight down, then I clicked turn once and the sprite turned but the direction didn't. I made the car locations floats instead of ints and that helped some.

However, you only have a certian number of rotated pics so you might want all the possible direction values to completely corespond with those. It was close using floats but not dead on.

Heck, who really cares. Good game.

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