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TNT Basic for Lion - status and call to arms!
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09-28-2012 21:55

Posted by:
Mark Tully

TNT HQ, England

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Hey all,

Just a quick update to let you know where I'm up to and to ask for some help.

Progress on TNT Basic is a bit stalled currently, mainly because the sheer amount of drudge work needed to bring TNT Basic (originally an OS 8.6 app) up to Mountain Lion standard is both extensive and tedious.

Unlike on Windows, were generally very old applications still work, and can even still be built from source on newer versions of the OS, Apple have not been shy about deprecating and removing legacy APIs. With TNT Basic being so 'out of repair' it's a lot of work to even get it compiling with new versions of XCode. In fact, to get it to compile at all currently you either need to fall back to an older version of XCode or copy the 10.6 SDK from an older version of XCode into a newer one.

Yes, yes, but what is done?

As you know TNT Basic runs on Lion, but Hieroglyph does not, and that just isn't going to happen. However, there is a branch on the TNT Basic github project called editor which has the code to support a HTML based editor for the project. Here is an image of what it looks like, it's pretty crude currently:

The basic idea is that the TNT Basic app is responsible for not only opening the projects and running them, but also making changes to them in response to edit commands sent from another process. This process is an editor running inside a web browser. You can see it above running in Safari.

Ok, so what needs to happen next?

More work needs doing on the API that TNT Basic exposes to editors, so that a fully fledged editor can be created. This work should build on the start I've made on the editor branch. Also, a HTML based editor needs creating, preferably by someone with significantly better HTML skills then me, which is pretty much anyone. My "editor" (not sure it deserves that name yet) can be found here, if anyone wants to build on it, or just start over with a new one, feel free.

The current (limited) API that TNT Basic provides is documented here.

If you want to download a version of this stuff to have a play with there is a built version with editor here. You can literally download this and start editing the editor in your favourite text editor.

How can you help?

Do something from the above section - and it might spur me on though some of the drudge work :)

Danny kindly offered to do some work on the editor, but I suspect he's also in a similar state to me. If this is going to happen it needs a lot more effort than what me and Danny can provide on our own.



10-11-2012 07:55

Posted by:

Great Wet North (Vancouver)

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Hi Mark - I will take a look at this over the weekend - thanks for all your work this far!



12-08-2012 21:12

Posted by:

Paris France

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'm a bit late

Hello experts
I am still on the line and hopeful, except I don't have a look on the forum very often...
I am happy to see things moved in november. I am not expert enough to be able to bring any help, except I have built my site pages in html, but this is rather simple... after some familiarization.
I stick for the time to Lion, but if you make some editor which works on the mountain only, I will follow... (but will it work with plain Lion ?).
As I explained before, I just can program on my old Mac, and then transfer files to my new iMac Intel after they run OK. But this is rather painful and not very interactive...
And my old machine will probably not last for years ! But I found much pleasure in programming, and found nothing except TNT which gave me same pleasure : I tried XCode, but so many things come between the idea you just intend to implement and the running app that the pleasure is very far ! Even programming Hello (you now !) in XCODE, I can do... if I copy the procedure they give (after much time to understand what all that stuff means). But if I want to redo it alone, I have never succeeded !
So please, continue your work, I hope the amount of time and sweat you have spent means that you will never give up !
Thanks again

12-20-2012 17:31

Posted by:

New Zealand

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Let there be life

Hi Guys, I was very surprised to read this was still alive, I'll have a look at the updated TnT on my retun from leave, very much enjoyed my time with TnT. Tim.

01-05-2013 16:24

Posted by:

Paris France

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A new year begins. Happy Nw Year to everybody, and let your projects concretize...

07-25-2019 08:06

Posted by:

Paris France

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Reborn !

Hello from past, re-born !
My TNT apps written by me still runned on OSX10.7.5. But did not work anymore on anupgrade to in OSX 10.8. So, I put them apart.
Recently, I changed my Mac and so converted to OSX 10.14.5 Mojave (the last OSX). After some time wandering on my apps, I found back these ones, clicked on them and... THEY WORK ! Congratulations to the author and contributors for their work and their skills and many thanks.
Unfortunately, I can just run the existing apps but I can no more modify them or create new ones.
PS : or perhaps I can, I will have to try ! It was so easy compared with XCode which needs 2 years of learning ! To write "hello world" some where, you need to build 3 programs, many objects (dialogs, windows, text variables etc...) and intricate links and conditions between them. I could never do that, I tried a tuto, it works if I strictly copy the example. But I am unable to redo it...

Many thanks and congratulations again to the whole team of contributors !

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