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Array not working...
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03-13-2002 00:54

Posted by:

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Here's a piece of my code:

if shot<totalshot
end if

And I get:

Error: nx[shot]=xpos
Array index out of bounds.

When shot=0, totalshot=10, and nx[10]. Any thoughts?

03-13-2002 13:28

Posted by:

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I think that arreys have to be one more becouse of the zero or something... So you should have: totalshot=11

03-13-2002 13:39

Posted by:
John Treece-Birch

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I'm not sure what the problem is because I can't see the loop in the piece of code you posted but it will probably be the fact that if you define a 10 element array it only gives you elements 0 to 9. It still gives you 10 elements exactly like you asked for but you don't actually get element number 10.

Hope this helps,

03-13-2002 18:35

Posted by:
Charles Robinson

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I think it should be

if shot<totalshot-1

because it counts up from 0 instead of 1.

03-20-2002 18:34

Posted by:
James Rhodes

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array out of bounds

Simple rule to remember... The numbering of the elements in the array ALWAYS begin with 0. So if you have the following:

exampleArray[100] ... a 100-element array

The numbering of the elements within the array (or another word for array is table) is from 0 to 99. If you tried to access element 100, you would get an out of bounds error simply because there are not 101 elements in the array.

In general, array elements are numbered n-1(while the array has n elements).

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