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Why doesn't this work?
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03-10-2002 21:09

Posted by:

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Please look at this:

rem initialise variables
global int x, y
rem Set Up Graphics Mode
graphics mode 640, 480

rem Loop for the drawing

for x = 0 to 639 step 16
for y = 0 to 479 step 16

set pen colour make colour (random(0,255),random(0,255),random(0,255)
set pen transparency 100
fill rect x,y to x+16,y+16


Draw Frame

I get an invalid expression error at the first X variable of the fill rect command. Why is that?

03-11-2002 08:16

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Hi Scoops,

I've had a quick look at your code, I think the problem might be that you're missing a closing bracket on the set pen colour line.

Hope this helps,


03-11-2002 08:35

Posted by:

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