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Sprite Fliping
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02-23-2002 05:37

Posted by:

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Is there a command to render a fliped sprite, either vertically or horizontaly? If so what is it, and if not... Well, I don't wan't to sound mean but... Why not!? It's not hard to do and it's really quite nessessary.. I mean you can't really ask people to store two versions of every sprite simply to have them able to face two directions. Again, I'm sorry if this sounds coarse, it's just really important to me. BTW.. if the function already exists, I'm very sorry... Please forgive me and mention it in the tutorial to avoid any more loonies like myself to potentially explode on you... that is all...

02-23-2002 09:51

Posted by:

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I'm sure they'll add it sooner or later.

But it would be a valuable addition.

02-24-2002 15:48

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Sprite flipping

Unfortunately we've not got a sprite flipping command, we'll try and get one in a future version of TNT Basic for you!

Cheers and thanks for the feedback,


02-25-2002 02:42

Posted by:

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flippinly good

Thanx a million guys.. I'll hold off on anything big until then and dink around making little things 'till then! ^_^

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