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Simple 3D Stuff In TNT
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02-19-2002 03:00

Posted by:
Douglas O'Brien

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Hi, there is a web directory at This is a temporary place where you guys can upload programs you want to share. Using fetch or something similar, create a folder in this directory with your name (the folder that says Douglas is mine) and put whatever you want in it. Make sure all your files are in the folder with your name!

Now..In my folder ("Douglas") is a folder called TNT 3D Folder. 3 TNT programs and a Read Me file are in there. Basically, I made these to experiment with the speeds TNT could get for simple 3D worlds. For the most part, TNT is a little slow for these, however, if there were a built in command for drawing polygons they would be a heck of a lot faster. Right now, the polygons are drawn with lots of TNT code (which is a little slower than pre assembled stuff).

And make sure you read the Read Me file, it has some stuff thats good to know.

Also, in the folder "Douglas" is an alpha version of a game I want to make called Saucer Wars. Read the Read Me if your interested. This game will be networkable so I hope TNT will fix network bugs and make some example programs soon!

02-19-2002 07:44

Posted by:
John Treece-Birch

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Polygon Drawing


There are already two functions in TNT Basic for drawing polygons. One is called Fill Poly (solid polygons) and the other is called Frame Poly (hollow polygons). I'm not sure how fast they are but I'm fairly sure they should be faster than having to draw things yourself.


02-19-2002 10:12

Posted by:

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Soucer Wars & the 3D stuff was interesting. However if you want them to go faster, turn off VBL sync(if it doesn't f**k up your screen). Then, when you make release it as a game, make that an option. If you tunr VBL sync off, you can get several FPS's more.

02-19-2002 16:14

Posted by:
Douglas O'Brien

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Wow, I read the list of Drawing commands but some how never found poly. That command really speeds things up!

02-21-2002 03:37

Posted by:

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3D Updates

inside folder "Douglas" I put an updated version of the 3D program using the built-in poly drawing commands. It is much faster. And, I added the "White Worlds". The 3D polygon white world gets very good fps on my 600 ibook.

02-21-2002 15:50

Posted by:

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The files lost their Resource Forks and I can't open any of them. Not even in Heiroglyph!

Are theyt compiled? Or Source?

Stuff them into a file with a SIT extention so they retain their file types! PLEASE!

02-21-2002 16:03

Posted by:

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Ok, I checked them out by opening the file in TextEdit and copying the code from the garbled junk and running it. Nice.

I used to play around with a 3d rotating routine when I used QBasic and Visual Basic. I created a program where you could load and edit your own 3d programs by writing the data into a TXT file then load it and you got a rotating 3d wireframe. I actually created my Logo in 3d and used it for a game I made in QB.

I'll go to and see if I can "Port" the original 3d program to TNTB... Then I'll upload it and show you what I mean.

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