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02-15-2002 15:16

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a simple top down moving game with tile collision. Just a guy that can walk in all four directions and that can't walk trough some tiles. Please, I'm having some trouble with tile collisions.

02-16-2002 23:27

Posted by:

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Yeah, me too. I would like to see a few showing different techniques.

What Genesis needs is a new part called "Collision Map" which would let you lay down all the tiles that you can pass, and can't pass. And go one further by allowing us to also lay down tiles that can represent things other than walls like we could use it for Water. And in your game you can make it so that if you possess a certain object you CAN walk in water, if you don't possess it you CAN'T pass through the Water.

02-19-2002 22:20

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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I agree that it would be very useful to have this functionality, but there's currently not enough information passed to TNT Basic for it to make these functions available. It doesn't even know which sprite is your hero!

It would require that specifying, then it would require information about tiles (passibility, animation settings, danger etc.). The collision settings could also be different for all your sprites (and vary from game to game or level to level) and you'd end up writing TNT Basic programs in Genesis if you weren't careful!

I'm not saying we can't do anything on this front, but TNT Basic can't easily support this at this time. A future version of TNT Basic will allow for a different way of structuring programs by using handlers, then it might be possible to integrated maps and code more closely.

Until then, please see this post between Chris and myself about map collision detection. I hope it helps!

We'd like to get a map collision detection example up, but we're very busy with TB 1.03 at the moment, so any submissions are welcome!



02-23-2002 03:28

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An example

Please take a look at the new thread Tile Collision (woo-hoo) in the Programming Q&A forum. It might be what you're looking for, or at least help along the way.

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