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02-12-2002 19:37

Posted by:

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I've been learning TNT for a week now - taking a break from my 3D stuff - and I'm happy with it. I've already got a little tank sprite (from Ari's Tank Brigade pics) driving around a map, with some randomly generated sprites over the top running at a good 60 or so fps (on my 350 mhz iMac).

In just a week.

I spent a couple months trying - really, really trying - to do the same with RB, and I gave up. TNT is genuinely easy to use.

I don't really know enough to say what might be missing, but I think the examples could be opened up some more. Bang On is very well done, but that's the problem - it's hard trying to figure out that code without any detailed comments. I tend to comment all my lines, just in case someone else may have to read it : )

That's all for now, but I know there'll be more as i learn more.

02-13-2002 03:00

Posted by:

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Yes. TNT Basic rocks!

I registered on Friday. And I am working on a game right now. It's coming along great!

My problem with Bang On! is that the walls have no Left/Right collision Detection. And I can't figure out the code either. I would need this kind of collision detection to make a game I want, but this is great!

02-13-2002 07:50

Posted by:
John Treece-Birch

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Bang On!

I think the walls in Bang On! do have left/right collision detection, don't they?

02-13-2002 19:08

Posted by:

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No it doesn't. Test it. Open Bang On! and edit the first map. Make a wall. Now "Walk" up to it and try to bump into it. You go right through. And you also go down a level.

02-13-2002 19:35

Posted by:

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It is scripted, not via the tile map.

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