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02-09-2002 21:04

Posted by:

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Is there any good drawing program out there to use when making the sprites?

By the way, I'm searching for a freeware program not adobe photoshop, :)

02-10-2002 18:12

Posted by:
Ari Feldman

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Mac Drawing programs

Unfortunately, there's nothing current or free. All cost some amount of money.

I recommend looking into some of the programs available on the Windows side of things - most actually run well under emulation with Virtual PC assuming your Mac is fast enough.

02-10-2002 21:05

Posted by:

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Well then the next problem is that virtual pc, as far as I know, costs money, ;)

02-11-2002 00:00

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Cheap/Free image editors

GraphicConvertor's shareware, any good for you?

ColorIt! was given away on a mac format cover cd at some point, maybe you could get a back order?

Also, you might find an icon editor is useful for drawing sprites, you might find a free one. (Copy paste into Hieroglyph and back).

Hope this helps!


02-11-2002 11:28

Posted by:

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Some time ago, I actually used ResEdit to make sprite graphics and it worked pretty good.

02-11-2002 12:34

Posted by:
Ari Feldman

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Drawing Programs

GraphicConverter is an excellent program but it's not intended to be a drawing app, even its author will admit that.

ColorIt! has potential but Mac Format is a UK only mag and it costs $14 or so even if you can find a newstand that carries it. Usually, only big cities with large book stores do. Also, I suspect that you're talking about ColorIt! v3, which is quite old and may or may not run on newer OSs.

02-16-2002 19:06

Posted by:
Daniel R. Lurie

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Sprite Editor

If it were 3 years ago, I'd say Web Painter SE. Totally Hip doesn't offer the free version anymore. VSE Animation Maker is cheap, but doesn't have onion-skinning. An older verison of Painter might be good.

Check Pangae's site. There is a free program (whose name escapes me) that allows you to paste graphics in and test the animation. It can spit out a pict with all the sprites in it. It also has registration marks, so you can position each frame right.

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