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02-06-2002 19:51

Posted by:

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I haven't been using the software long enough to know what else I'd like to see, so only a couple thing come to mind.

1) I'd like to see a 'batch' importing for sprites. i.e.-files named the same, ending with a number, should be imported all at once.

2) Built in alpha channel support for sprites. If you import a sprite that has an alpha channel, you shouldn't need to paste it in.

That's all for now...


02-06-2002 23:37

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Batch importing of graphics is a must really, we'll try and get that done as soon as possible.

The alpha channel extraction is another 'obvious' ommision - we'll look into that one too.

What formats do you tend to import?

Thanks for the feedback!


02-08-2002 00:53

Posted by:
Ari Feldman

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Sprite Support

I'd support PICT and BMP formats as they both support 8 bit and 24 bit graphics. has a lot of sprite assets in PICT format.

02-08-2002 16:22

Posted by:

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PICTS etc.

Actually I would do this...
If TNT is always going to be Mac only then
require Quick TIme which is a standard part of the Mac OS.

Now do all your picture coversions and loading using
QT... this is trivial... This is give TNT access TO ALL the
image formats QT supports.

This is both and easy solution and much better then embedding custom loading code for different file formats in the app its self... since that will just keep making the app larger... and things like JPG and PNG support can be 200KB + just for the libs...

Also as for the IDG picts.. anyone can easily batch convert them using graphics convertor etc.

I personally would either use QT or stick with one good solid modern graphics format like PNG that supports full alpha channels and compression and 32 bit etc.

BTW I have been converting some of my test sprites from 32bit(?) PICTS to PNGs an the compression is better. These are on 32x32 sized sprites... PNGs
are turning out 1/2 the size etc...

02-08-2002 17:05

Posted by:
Ari Feldman

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Image Compression

PNG uses ZLib compression, which is very close to LZW (as used in GIF images) in terms of making small files plus isn't hampered by patents.

02-08-2002 17:12

Posted by:

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PNG user Zlib for now destructive compress.
It also hase like 8? additional filters to run on
the data to help with said compression.
Never had much luck with them.

All PNG are true color... AKA 24bit with an
optional embedded 8bit alpha channel.

02-08-2002 19:23

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Yeah for importing graphics QuickTime rocks, Hieroglyph already uses it to import every file format I've ever heard of. It preserves the compression method during import too, so people can compress with whatever tool they want and QT will handle it - nice.

I like PNG, especially the idea of an open standard unencumbered by patents.

Thanks for your input everyone, I've an idea of what formats to test with now.



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