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help with asteroid game
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05-15-2008 23:03

Posted by:

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hello i am a grade ten student. I have to create a game for my computers class and I have chosen to make an asteroids clone. I have already made the ship and and the bullets but I am stuck trying to make the asteroids.
I can make a single asteroid work but i cant figure out how to increase the number of asteroids for each level. I know i could design each level but is there any way of makeing the asteroids appear automatically?
does anyone have any suggestions?

05-16-2008 14:55

Posted by:

San Francisco, CA

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Use arrays.

Like this
global float astroidX[999], astroidY[999], astroidXV[999], astroidYV[999]

while inGame
int i=0, numAstroids=10
for i=0 to numAstroids
'draw astroids at astroidX and astroidY

05-16-2008 18:52

Posted by:

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that helps a lot but now i dont know how to make the asteroid move

here is my game so far:

global float width=600, height=600
global float yposship= height/2,xposship=width/2
global float shipspeed
global float shippic=0, rotationship
global float rotateship=0
global float shipxdirect, shipydirect, shipspeed=3
global float bulletx, bullety
global float bullspeed=6
global float bullrange=300
global int bullmove

window mode hardware width, height
load images 128
load sounds 128
playgame ()
procedure playgame ()
while not mouse button
sprite 1, xposship, yposship, shippic

if left
rotateship= rotateship-2
set sprite rotation 1,rotateship

else if right
rotateship= rotateship+2
set sprite rotation 1,rotateship

end if

rotationship= sprite rotation (1)
shipxdirect= Cos(rotationship)
shipydirect= sin(rotationship)

if up

yposship= yposship-(shipydirect*-shipspeed)
xposship= xposship+(shipxdirect*shipspeed)

end if

if xposship<0
xposship= width
else if xposship>width
end if

if yposship<0
yposship= height
else if yposship>height
yposship= 0
end if

if space
play sound 0
sprite 2, bulletx ,bullety , 1
move sprite 2, (shipxdirect*bullrange), (shipydirect*bullrange), bullspeed
end if

bullmove= sprite moving (2)

if bullmove=0
sprite off 2
end if

draw frame


end proc ()

05-16-2008 23:26

Posted by:

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You might want to look at for ... next loops . I think they're what you're looking for.

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