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12-07-2001 11:00

Posted by:

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I've yet to download the prog but have read just about everything on your website and TNTBasic looks very exciting - good luck with the product - a couple of things...

If I was doing a space game, I'd like to be able to vary the size of the sprite, perhaps rotate it, to give a psuedo 1st person 3D effect... I didn't see an easy way of doing that except by having multiple sprites...

I've noticed some "build-your-own" 3D shooter programs for the PC - are you going that way at all?


Fleet, Hampshire, England

12-07-2001 23:08

Posted by:
Oskar Glauser

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3d, Jamagic, etc

Just downloaded it! This app is great. It reminds me of the days when I was making games for the Atari ST using STOS (a close relative to AMOS). I have been watching what the creators behind STOS is doing now for a while and they are up to some exciting things with a new app called Jamagic that will arrive for the mac eventually and is basically a 3d version of STOS for modern PCs...

This app is great for making 2d games but it would be even greater if it was extended with some kind of semi-3d or real 3d functions.

Anyway I have to try this thing out for real when I have the time...

Keep up the good work!

12-10-2001 09:20

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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3D/pseudo 3D

We'd like to include some sort of 3D support in the future. When we do so it may come in the form of scalable/rotatable sprites first of all, and then full 3D afterwards.

I'm not sure though, because 3D is still in the distance at the moment as we have other things to implement first (debugger for one thing).

We'll keep you all posted, thanks for your interest in TNT Basic!

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