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music trouble
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01-24-2002 22:26

Posted by:

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I ran out of space in my game so i decided to replace all the mp3s with midis. The only problem is i can't import the midis, Hieroglyph wont even let me select them in the import dialog box. Doesn't TNT Basic have midi support?

01-25-2002 03:51

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more trouble

Ok i figured out what the problem was, the midis had the wrong creator type so i changed it to quicktime. Now i can import them but in TNT they dont sound the same as they do in quicktime. For some reason TNT plays them MUCH worse than quicktime or anyother program. Does anyone know why and how i can fix this?

01-25-2002 04:29

Posted by:
Jason Anderson

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It's probably because TNT doesn't have QT built in or use QT libraries. When you play a MIDI in QT it uses QT's instrument libraries.

TNT probably uses its own instrument libraries. But I'm not positive. Wait for an answer from one of the programmers.

01-28-2002 08:29

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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We play MIDIs by converting them to MADK music modules using a PlayerPro plugin - that's probably why it sounds different to QuickTime. To tell you the truth, I've not even got any MIDI files and have never tested this feature, it just came with the PlayerPro development kit for free!

I'll investigate QT support for MIDIs, if it's better we'll move to that.



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