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How do you restart the game after you lose?
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06-08-2006 20:41

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Im trying to make it so that when you lose if you press Y then to restart the game. How do I do this?

06-08-2006 21:25

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what i used to do is use a goto statement to reinitialize the game. there's better ways, but its been a while since i've used tnt, and goto is quick and easy. just don't abuse it.

06-08-2006 23:11

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San Francisco, CA

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I don't know if it is easy to implement, but this is how I set up my games:

'Press space to play, press Q to exit.
If space then game()
If pressed(12) then break

Procedure game()
End Proc

That way when the game ends you can just press space again to replay.

P.S. What kind of game is it? So many people talk about their game and don't share them.

06-08-2006 23:17

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Quebec ( Canada )

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i strongly recommand you don't use goto, it leads to what is well known as 'spaghetti code'

split your code into many procedures is the best way, not only to restart game but also to make code more organized and more readable

you might not find that interesting but trust me it's worth it... the bigger the project gets, the more you'll lose control over it if it's not organized - in the past i've dropped many projects i had started because i couldn't follow my own code anymore! learn from my mistakes ^_^ !

09-19-2006 12:50

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also - leave comments everywhere

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