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Dithered colors ?
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02-22-2006 01:46

Posted by:
goober doober

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Hi ,

I am new to TNT and have been working with one of the map examples ( the one with the flowers , rocks and chests of gold ) . I have tried changing the map tiles to some tiles I created with photoshop. When I load the new map image file into the graphics browser all appears fine. However when I run the app , the tiles appear much larger on screen in the game compared to how they appear in photoshop. So I upped the rolustion from 640,480 to 1024,768 in the code and the tiles now appear to be the same size as photoshop however now they appear slightly dithered ... they no longer have the nice sharp , smooth look they had in photoshop. Does anyone know what might be causing this ? Is it the DPI of the tiles I am using in photoshop ? How many colors should I be using ?



02-22-2006 13:14

Posted by:
goober doober

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more info

I tried converting my image to 16 bits via graphics converter. This doesn't seem to help. I then decided to start a new image in Photoshop , as 16 bits and see what happens. Unfortunately , when an image is 16 bit in Photoshop I can't use the pen tool or paintbucket ... what the fudge ?!?! Anyway , if anyone has a nice , crisp looking map appearing in TNT could you please tell me how you did it ? What software did you use to create your tile graphics with ? What bit depth are they etc ?

02-22-2006 14:35

Posted by:

hertfordshire (England)

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You're doing it right Gareth...

You're half way there... Design your tiles in PS at 32 bit (to get all the tools and filters) then drop them down to 16 bpp for exporting. The dithering (I'm just guessing here) is probably the file format... Are you saving as JPEG? It gives good compression but comes at a price. Best advice? Render in 32 bit, drop the rez and export for web (if you have PS7 or later), you can preview the graphics as they will appear 'in the real world' before saving. Play around with the settings a bit, JPEG is best for 'photographic' style graphics (with lots of small details) GIF is best for 'cartoony' images with large areas of block colour, and PNG will give you decent transparency if you are using an alpha mask.

So to sort of answer the question, PS is the best software by far, and 16 bit is the depth you need...

Hope that helps!

Danny (nods)

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