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Alpha Transparency Maps.. How?
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01-19-2002 19:51

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I can't seem to figure out how to make an Alpha Transparency map for a sprite in the Image Bank section of the Graphics tab.

There's no copy or paste. The help says to import a graphic and give it the Imsk resource with the same ID as the sprite, but doesn't tell you HOW to do that. I tried "Create new Res type..." but that didn't create anything for me.


I even looked at the other samples like Beans and Bang On! and they have alpha transparency maps but don't give a sign of how they did it. :-(

I am so sad... It seems like it should be easy, but it's not. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

01-19-2002 20:06

Posted by:

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alpha maps

To use a mask like that for a sprite, click the mask box in the Image Info pallete (the box right below the box with the sprite picture in it), and paste in the image you want to use as the mask.

I'm not sure what you mean by copy and paste not working, it works for me (I'm using OS 9.2.2). Hope this helps.

01-20-2002 06:54

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There is no check box.

Only the 3x3 grid for the Hotspots.

01-20-2002 11:40

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Sprite masks

With the image that you want to make the mask for selected, click the bottom image well of the image info palette. That's the mask palette. Paste in your mask from the clipboard - voila - instant transparency mask!

You can apply masks/settings to multiple images by selected more than one at once.

You can change what info is shown (hotspots/collision settings) by using the popup menu in the image info palette.

Hope this helps!


01-20-2002 11:42

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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User guide

You can also find more info in the TNT Basic user guide here:


01-20-2002 13:49

Posted by:

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Re: check box

Sorry Jasoco about how my phrasing was unclear, when I said box I was talking about the lower image well. I stand corrected. ;)

01-21-2002 03:51

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It was the lower image well.

And here's a tip.

Make sure the mask has a 72 Pixels per inch. I tried 100 because for some reason my Photoshop was set to 100. And when I pasted the mask in it shrunk. So I fixed it by changing it to 72ppi and it got fixed.

Just so you know for later.

Either it's a bug or a feature. But I got it fixed.

Now.. I have a question to ask to all Photoshop Gurus.

How do I make a transparency mask in PS?

02-04-2002 09:19

Posted by:

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transparency in PS

It's pretty easy. In PS, make sure your in RGB mode (gifs aren't), and then double-click the "background" layer and hit ok (it's now a "layer"). Go to the menu "Layer", to "add layer mask", and then "reveal all" (or others as situation merits). The layer icon in the list now has a thumbnail beside it, and when it's selected, painting in black,white, or shades of gray will give you degrees of transparency. Make sense? Answer your question?


02-10-2002 21:52

Posted by:

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I must be blind...

Is it something wrong with my computer or am I just stupid?

I CAN'T get to the image info pallet, how to do it? I've probably clicked every pixel on the screen by now, but still I don't get to that window, :(

I need some help here. I thought I should select the image in the bank anf then click get info, BUT that didn't work, :(

02-10-2002 23:57

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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You just click on an entry in the image bank and it should appear in the image info palette (which is a floating window) immediately?

Can you see the floating window at all? It should be on the right side of the screen while the graphics tab is selected. (If you have 2 monitors perhaps it's appeared on the wrong one?)

Let me know if you can't find it - maybe it's a bug?


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