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Map Polygon Functions
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01-19-2002 16:42

Posted by:
Jim D

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I'm kind of curious about map polygons. Well, actually I have a suggestion/request pertaining to them. Currently there are two commands dealing with Map Polygons (the kind you can make in the Genesis level editor): Map Polygon Count and In Map Polygon. I think it would be quite useful if there was an additional command or group of commands that performed a similar purpose to the Map Object X/Map Object Type commands. IE, a command such as Map Polygon X that takes the number of the polygon as a parameter and returns it position, so you could have X/Y/Width/Height commands (or I suppose you could do corners of the rectangle).

I believe this could really expand the usefulness of the polygon features. For example, currently I'm using map objects to set the starting position of certain sprites - at the beginning of each level I loop through the map's objects (using Map Object Count and the other object accessors) to determine where the sprites should be located and what sprites to use. With polygons, I could do the same thing, but rather than locate the sprites at a specific coordinate on the map, using polygons, I could define the general region in which the sprite should appear (in combination with some random() fun). This would be handy for making monsters not so predictable or adding variety to the game each time you play it.

That's just one possible application (basically what would come in handy for my current project ;), I'm sure there are many more. No problem if it isn't that easy/important to implement, but I just thought I'd mention it because I think it would come in handy.

Well here's what I'm currently making with TNT Basic: a simple adventure game that is a parody of my college, where you play as me or my roommates in our quest to find and defeat our mascot... yes, quite strange. It will be full of inside jokes and will probably be of limited appeal to anybody who doesn't go there, but it is cool anyway. :) I have made any specific content for it yet, so currently all the graphics and sounds are just quick generic placeholders while I work on the engine, but you can read more about it here:

OK, enough out of me.

01-19-2002 20:08

Posted by:

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I don't think it's strange.

I was actually thinking of making a simple point and click game using my house. Sort of a tour. So it's not that strange.

01-19-2002 22:39

Posted by:

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adventure games

Cool. Yeah, it should be pretty fun.

01-20-2002 11:31

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Polygon accessors

The problem with accessors for polygons is that they aren't always rectangles. You can paint any shape with a polygon, so should polygon width and polygon height return the maximum width/height of the polygon and then you could simply iterate through the tiles inside it to test each individually?

Hmm.. that would work, is that OK?


01-20-2002 13:46

Posted by:

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Yeah, that would work. Actually, I didn't realize that the polygons could actually be polygons, I thought they were restricted to just rectangular shapes... how do you draw a non-rectanglur polygon in genesis?

01-21-2002 09:49

Posted by:
John Treece-Birch

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Map Polygons

When you have a polygon selected in the polygons window you can simply draw as many rectangles as you like in the main map window and they will all be added to the selected polygon.


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